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Random Favourites. Check out some of the Artists I like.
Im going to be shutting down my Patreon soon because the expectation of content upkeep in return for profit just didnt feel good for me and it was causing art blocks and break-downs. From now on all my content will be posted to DA be it independant, EarthGate, Rival Dynasties or Sevastopol related.

Equestria Girls - Lemon Zest head-bopping by Botchan-MLP
The Grippen International Operations Unit.

The Grippen unit is my gaming clan, for the most part we play casually together on games like Warthunder, Overwatch, Stellaris etc. My rules in Grippen include being nice to one another, none of that disrespectful modern slang, or excessive cussing, We also try to stay politically correct (this means Racism and other discriminatory language is unacceptable) My aim with Grippen is to build a group where politeness is intertwined with casual gaming and recreation online. A sort of haven away from the inconsiderate disrespect of most net users.

Im opening Grippen to new members now, some of the benefits of joining us include a trustworthy admin staff (enforced by yours truly) dependable moderators and a firm stand on keeping to the rules without suffering from "filing cabinet in the ass" syndrome. By joining us in Grippen you can be a part of our upstanding little community, enjoy games, make friends (or just mingle) with people who remember what courtesy is.

We are open to all nationalities, Our spoken language is English. We commune on our private Discord channel which uses expiring invites to ensure privacy and prevent griefing temporary joins. There are several voice chat rooms for you to enjoy including potentially requesting your own private room. Enjoy competing with our resident GIF master in our Gif_war_room and even chat with me about all things earth gate. Grippen is open, if your interested in joining send me a note requesting to join and you will be sent your very own invitation link to the channel. 

Just to be clear.
We dont expect donation, we dont enforce mandatory activity time and we dont permit disrespect. Grippen is for the polite casual gamers.
Heyo all.

I know most of you are probably sick of hearing about Patreon by now but please hear me out, if this next paragraph catches your eye, please consider me.

Earth Gate has been developing quietly for a while now and I think the universe is getting big enough and fleshed out enough that things need to start going up a level, I've just recently amended my goals on Patreon, Upon reaching my most realistic goal of $200 a month, I'll personally begin work on an Earth Gate adventure RPG game made on the RPG Maker software, I've worked with it before and I know what im doing. The extra income will help me pay professional pixel artists and sprite makers for high quality assets to make the game totally original, none of the usual stock assets you see in most RPG Maker games.

Okay if your still reading I guess your interested. Earth Gate's first RPG game will feature modern favorites like crafting mechanics, resource acquisition, open world gameplay and questing, im not just talking about 8bit skyrim in space. Im serious, I've done work and little projects in RPG Maker before, all of which have had crafting recipies, intuitive methods of feature access, circulatory questing for menial tasks and full linear questing for better jobs and a main story line will be a sinch to add. Now just from reading this you'll know im a bit of a typo-saurus so naturally the income will help me bring in testers and proper bug fixing. 

Among other things, the Earth Gate game will do something that (so far) I've not seen another RPG maker game do and thats galactic exploration. You'll be able to go from place to place around the Sol Concordat Territories encountering Varii, Aquarions, Arcadians, Liandri and more, Maybe even buy different ships! Bigger better ships could provide more facilities such as crafting and resource acquisition (space mining cough-cough)

Now I may not type the best but I passed my exams on my creative writing so you can be sure I'll whip up a killer main story-line for you to explore or ignore in the game. Side quests both repeatable and isolated will each be done with a creative touch. It wont be no star citizen but It'll be a fun little space game that you could play on anything down to a little Netbook/Notebook computer, example riding a long train, play some Earth Gate, waiting at the bus station, play some Earth Gate. Because I wont be working on a super AAA photo realistic super high poly game just about any computer including grandma's first CRT/Tower split computer should be able to run it!

Lastly, the funding from this goal will allow me to pay for music to accompany the game, Combat music, ambiance, comedic and more to really set the mood of the game. Now if your still reading it means you probably really want this to happen, I only ask that you do two things, Firstly, come pledge to my patreon, its a subscription based system (pay what you want) with rewards for paying higher ammounts, This wont happen without funding. Secondly I want you to tell your friends, The only way Earth Gate will stop being "Just one of those indie space games" is if it gets noticed, Community drives productivity, The more patrons I get, the more funding I get which means the more assets and assistance I can bring in. In other words, for every friend you tell and every bunch of friends they tell, the game just gets better, a click, a subscription and some gossip and before you know it, Earth Gate will be competing with giants like Star Trek and Stargate.

And, Just an added bonus, we'll finally have another super-verse THAT DOESN'T BEGIN WITH THE WORD STAR >.< Am I right?.

Here's a link to my Patreon, Please come support me and I'll make you a great Sci-Fi universe.
Earth Gate Patreon Link


Beth Castle Taylor
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Im a 21yr old female living in the middle of Scotland biding my time until the apocalypse of giraffes consumes the cosmos...

In reality, I am 21, I am a girl and I do live in Scotland.

I enjoy 3D modelling, the concept of generating content in as little or as much detail as I like fascinates me. My current tool of destruction is Trimble Sketchup but I want to learn newer tools to move up and get better. I draw Manga occasionally but I cant do it on the computer so without a decent scanner or one of those fancy new 'screen tablets' for drawing on, Im stuck there.

I dropped out of education for stress reasons and although I dont advise it unless its a critical life choice, I will say its had its ups and downs. I suffer from Anxiety in unfamiliar situations such as the work environment or in large groups of people, just two examples. I live my life online and love to play video games with my friends and text RolePlay, a lot of my latest deviations have been for the RP im running.

My favourite things are

Music: Sci-Fi / game soundtrack
TV: Stargate / My Little Monster (anime) / MLP (Im a girl I get to like MLP)
Games: Star Citizen / X3TC / Kerbal Space Program / Take On Mars
Food: Pizza (because who doesnt like Pizza?) / Apple Tango / Ham Sandwiches
Movies: Oblivion / Wreck it Ralph / Black Hawk Down

Lately I have also become Gluten Intolorant, like my Mum.



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